Rifle bolt action Lock n Load Bullet Gun Metal finished Pencil Kit Set (single kit). The bolt action click is a smooth operation in which the realistic bolt-action retracts to securely lock the lead in place. The detailed finish on the rifle clip and replica 30 calibre bullet cartridge makes this the must have for any hunting or target-shooting fanatic.   The kit comes complete with all the parts to fit into the turned pen of your choice.

Kit does not come with the pen blank.

Note: - when the bolt action is slide down to advance the lead, the bolt is not designed to lock as it does on the pen version.

Instructions available on request.

Suggested Tooling:

Tooling Size Part No
Bushings   BUSH-14
Drill Size 3/8" DRILL-3/8
Pen Mill 8.64mm PM-15



Brass Tube x 1
30 Calibre Replica Nib x 1
Lock n Load Clip
x 1
Spring x 1
Pencil Lead Mechanism  x 1

The lead size is 0.7mm

The Bolt Action Bullet lock n load pencil kit is a very well engineered kit that gives a smooth click operation and authentic feel making it a desirable product for turners.

Gun Metal Lock n Load Bolt Action Bullet Pencil Kit

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